A biography of norah jones a jazz musician

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Jones, Norah

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Norah Jones Biography

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Jones’ beguiling blend of jazz and popular music styles marked her out as one of the most interesting vocalists to emerge from America at the start of the new millennium.

InJones launched her solo music career with the release of Come Away with Me, a commercially successful and critically acclaimed album that was a fusion of jazz with country music and pop.

Norah Jones

It was certified diamond, selling over 26 million copies. Vocalist and pianist Norah Jones developed a unique blend of jazz and traditional vocal pop, with hints of bluesy country and contemporary folk, due in large part to her unique upbringing.

Jonah Jones

The daughter of Ravi Shankar, Jones grew up in Texas with her mother. Norah Jones (born Geetali Norah Shankar; March 30, ) is an American singer, songwriter and actress. Throughout her career, Jones has won numerous awards and has sold more than 50 million albums worldwide.

Norah Jones was born in New York City on March 30,to the Indian musician Ravi Shankar. Jones grew up in Texas and studied jazz piano at the University of North Texas.

Norah Jones grew up in Grapevine. She is the daughter of legendary Indian musician Ravi Shankar. Her parents had a brief relationship before she was born, and Jones was raised by her mother alone.

A biography of norah jones a jazz musician
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