A discussion on gattos views on being a good student

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Effective Classroom Discussions

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* John Taylor Gatto is a former New York State and New York City Teacher of the Year and the author, most recently, of The Underground History of American Education. He was a participant in the Harper's Magazine forum "School on a Hill," which appeared in the September issue.

Feb 14,  · Techniques to help you succeed in your classes. Beyond explaining the relevance of discussion in general, it is a good idea to point out the relevance of particular discussions vis-à-vis contemporary social issues, your students’ future plans, etc.

In discussions, you can share thoughts and ideas about class materials. In Blackboard Learn, course members can have the thoughtful discussions that take place in the traditional classroom, but with the advantages of asynchronous communication. Being a Good Student.

The life of a student is a combination of joy and challenges because there are requirements in school that need to be fulfilled, but it is also a place where things can be learned.

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A discussion on gattos views on being a good student
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