Do cfos make good ceos

Chief Financial Officer - CFO

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What do CEOs and CFOs actually spend their days doing?

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Hire a CFO

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CFOs aspiring to become CEOs need to understand a very different set of skills. CEOs are responsible for the administration and management of an organization, as well as establishing and carrying out its vision. The CFO reports to the chief executive officer (CEO) but has significant input in the company's investments, capital structure and how the company manages its income and expenses.

How Much Does a Hospital CEO Make?

CFOs themselves remain reticent about any personal ambitions beyond the CFO role - at least in public. But given this recent string of high profile promotions there is an increasing recognition that they have what it takes to take over the CEO role.

In our informal poll, for every respondent who believed strongly that CFOs make good CEOs, another vehemently opposed the idea.

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Respondents assigned high value to several classic CFO characteristics: the ability to communicate with shareholders, to focus on the creation of shareholder value, and to institute performance measures and controls.

Do chief financial officers make desirable CEOs? At a time when finance plays an ever-larger role in corporate strategy and many CFOs serve not only as key advisers to the CEO but also as the point person for communicating with financial markets, the CFO’s portfolio of skills would seem to serve well as a platform for that final leap to the boss’s.

In short, CEOs and CFOs are now criminally liable for signing off on misleading Securities and Exchange Commission filings. Despite its intent, however, Sarbox is a pain in the butt for CFOs. According to a November study by J.D.

Powers and Associates, nine out of ten CFOs say the costs of complying are greater than the benefits.

Do cfos make good ceos
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A Day in The Life: Roles of a CFO